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Hi, I’m Sasha, an Endocrinologist (hormone doctor) and Success Coach dedicated to helping you stretch the limits of your potential and reach your dreams.  All of them.

 I am also an entrepreneur, musician, write songs, was previously a semi-professional dancer and originally started my university study in science (and briefly law) before moving to medicine. I really believe that if you have a lot of different dreams, there is no reason you shouldn’t try to reach for them all.  Although maybe not all at the same time. 

How did I end up with this weird combination of things?

I was born in Auckland New Zealand to multicultural parents (my ethnicities include Indian, Filipino, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Spanish and either a bit of Portugese or Dutch, we’re not sure which).  My father was a scientist and my mother was a teacher with a huge number of different interests and passions.  I grew up being exposed to a number of different cultures and languages as well as science, music, dance and literature.  I have always felt there were many facets to my identity and I never knew what “one thing” I would grow up to do.  I was the kid with a list as long as my arm of things I wanted to do.  But I felt I was “supposed” to choose one thing.

For a long time I kept all these things separate, even actively hiding from people in one field what I was doing in another.  But eventually, I realized that I could use my unique combination of skills to help other people.  Namely to reach for as many dreams as they want and find balance in a busy but fulfilling life. 

I have a passion for drawing out the dreams you may have forgotten about, think its great fun to figure out exactly what you want and am excited about starting the journey with you towards finding your best self and dream life.

Coaching training:

I undertook Dream Coach® certification, created by Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University, best-selling author, personal coach  to Jack Canfield and multiple-time guest on the Oprah Winfrey show.

I am also taking multiple programs with Emily Williams, CEO of I Heart My Life, Success Coach, 7-figure entrepreneur and author. 

 I continue to read widely in the areas of self-development, wellbeing and health (with the critical eye of a clinician/scientist!) and am committed to ongoing training in order to offer you the very best.

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I am currently based in London.