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Think-Outwards-Thursday #1: Starting small and local…

By August 3, 2016 Helping Others

It was last  Thursday (I have been a bit slow putting up this post) that was one month since my mother passed away from cancer.

She was the most welcoming, giving person and even when she was sick she was always thinking hard about how she could help and comfort other people instead of the other way around. So I have decided start Thursday of each month “Think-Outwards-Thursday” in her memory, which will feature several times per year.

If things are going really well, this will be a reminder to look outside of my own life and find a way to share what I have.  And at other times, no matter how difficult or sad life can be, to remember that I am not alone in these experiences and in fact there are many people who are worse off.

So this week I am going to start small and local by choosing 3 things I can do for people around me.  I plan to:


  1. Go out of my way to help someone just because I can
  2. Reach out to someone going through a difficult time or just having a bad day
  3. Cook dinner for someone outside my household


If you would like to join me for “Think Outwards Thursday” I would love for you to share in the comments the three things you plan to do!


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Three Fun and Fab Ways To Support Your Favourite Causes

By March 1, 2016 Helping Others

It can be overwhelming reading or watching news stories sometimes.  The scale of some of the problems can make us want to turn away and forget, thinking nothing we can do could make a difference.

Of course, this is not the case, we know that every little bit helps.  But what if you want to do more than make a donation but are not in a situation to go and help on the ground, or don’t have the time to organize a major fundraiser?

Here are three fab ways to celebrate and appreciate what we have with people we appreciate, while helping those who are not so lucky!

In the course of a single morning, afternoon or evening you can not only make a contribution yourself but motivate others in a positive way to do the same!

  1. Host a charity party

A small group rather than a large function may be more manageable if you don’t have a lot of time.  I found a great article by Paula Biggs for Frog Prince Paperie ( with loads of tips on how to hold a successful charity party.

The type of party could be related to the type of charity you are collecting for, eg:

-breakfast party: to collect for school breakfasts for underprivileged children

-party themed to a particular country you want to collect money for

-international food and dress-up potluck party: to support Unicef or World Vision etc…

  1. Do something unusual online to raise money and see if it goes viral!

The Ice Bucket Challenge and No-Make-up Selfies are successful because they are invoke a sense of positivity and fun.  Also there is something nice about being part of something with lots of other people.  It’s exciting to be part of something big and that’s hot at the time because you get the sense that great things will happen…

  1. If you are into crafts, could have a craft circle to make things to send eg. to “Dress a Girl”.

Please share any other ideas you may have to help those in need, inspire others to do the same and spread some positivity in the process!


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